Fun Facts about Toddler Girls.

Toddler girls apart from being Daddy’s Girl, are cute and sweet—when they are not being stubborn and diva-like! And as young as they are, they do know how to wrap their dads around their tiny fingers.

If you have a toddler girl, or wish you did, check out this list to see if you know everything there is to know about them.

She’s Ahead of the Game

It’s never a good idea to compare children to each other, but sometimes it’s hard not to—especially when it seems like your little one is more advanced than the other kids. Girls tend to mature slightly faster than their male counterparts, so it’s tempting to assume that she’s going to stay ahead forever. She might be a genius, but you won’t know for a few more years when the boys are all caught up.

Girls are Easier to Potty train

Due to their earlier maturation, girls are ready to understand and respond to potty cues a full three months before boys their age. Laundry-masters rejoice – girls stop wetting the bed earlier than boys, too.

She Hears Everything & Sees All.

Girls’ brains are hardwired to pick up the pitch and intonation of speech, and they have more sensitive hearing, too. This means if you are trying to keep a secret from her, you are going to have to make sure she is asleep or three rooms away before you spill the beans. They are also quicker to pay attention to other people’s facial expressions and more empathetic to distress, which makes them caring pals and devoted companions.

Clothes Shopping is Awesome.

Girls win hands down in the clothes department. Boys get to pick between blue cars, blue dinosaurs, and blue sportswear. Girl’s clothing is a rainbow of sparkly, pretty & adorable fluffiness. The upside is that you can dress her to the nines. The downside is that her clothes are going to cost you more. But I am sure you don’t mind, because she looks so cute in all those outfits.

Girls are (probably) more Expensive

Well, girls aren’t exactly more expensive per se, it’s just that you have realized that flower headband will match that floral print sundress you got for her last week. And those sparkly pink shoes? Yeah. Those are perfect and we need to get those, too. So, the cost is relative if only we can restrain ourselves from buying every cute outfit and accessories we come across for her.

She’s More Cautious

While boys her age jump from the monkey bars with glee, she may check everything out to make sure it’s safe before leaping. While she still has an inner daredevil that will make your heart skip a beat, toddler girls are far less likely to end up in the emergency room than boys her age.

Hair Issues Are Dramatic

Boys’ hair is easy. Is it messier than usual in the morning? Chop it all off. Is it summertime? Shave it! Toddler girls are a completely different story. If you have been growing her hair since birth you want to do your best to preserve her long locks. Getting her to cooperate with washing, drying, brushing, and braiding can be too much for some moms to handle. That’s OK, because girls look just as adorable with bobbed hair as they do with long; and the way she admires herself after the hullabaloo of getting the hair done is priceless.

She’s going to Wear Your Shoes

You are her standard for feminine perfection and she wants to be just like you. If you leave your shoes around, her feet are going to go in them. Chances are she’s going to want your bag, too; and your phone, your favorite mug, and your car keys. We would like to think it’s just a phase, but she is going to be in your closet and asking for your keys pretty much into adulthood. Get Prepared.

Princesses May Be Mandatory

If you have been to the playground lately, you might have noticed the swarm of girls who know all of the words to “Let It Go” and they are not afraid to sing it – Constantly. Princesses are a big deal during their formative years. It will pass (hopefully)—but not before you wish she never heard of Frozen – Anna and Elsa. And you just have to be prepared, they will always want a set. As their tastes evolve with the newest Disney princesses, so will the makeover change – from bedding, to shoes, bags, and the list goes on.

She’s Rough and Tough, Too

No matter how delicate she may seem, girls like to get down and dirty, too. Mud, dirt, sticks, and leaves—she is into it all. Girls love to explore and learn, so letting them loose to get in touch with their wild side is a great way to spend an afternoon. Encouraging girls to jump in puddles or make mud pies is a wonderful way to help her develop her sense of adventure while getting in tune with nature.

She can be Chatty

Girls on average have a handful more words at 16 months than toddler boys do. They are also quicker to string together a complex sentence and first to hit the 300-word vocabulary mark. They even gesture more, like waving bye-bye or pointing at stuff they want.

Perfect Playmate

Immerse yourself in your daughter’s world for a while. Sharing interests is a wonderful way to bond — and you might have more fun than you think.


Girls are just the Diva – from an early age right into adulthood – and they do not shy away from letting their feelings known. You can be surprised to see that your little bundle of cuteness is giving commands to boys older than her and they do her bidding willfully. They are not above emotional blackmail as well – tears and pouts are her favorite weapons of warfare.  As a parent don’t always let her get away with her demands or it will soon become unmanageable. Put a boundary and let her know it.

Remember, every child is important but girls just have the key that turn everyone’s hearts to mush.


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