Hairbows & Cornrows™

A salon for girls

As a parent, there are times when you have a thousand & one errands to run and having your little girl’s hair done is ONE of them.

You just wish you could drop her off at the salon, so you can get other errands sorted while she gets her hair done.

But you’re not comfortable, worried she would be unsupervised and perhaps exposed to inappropriate (media) content. Afterall, the Hairdresser is not a Babysitter. 😊



…A Salon for girls
…where ‘Haircare meets Childcare‘. 😍

Your Little Princess gets her hair nicely and well done in a decent, stimulating and hygienic environment, supervised and catered to by kind-hearted, professional Childminders WHILE YOU CHECK OFF YOUR TO-DO LIST. 😊
It’s a win-win.


***Cancellation fees and a No-refund policy apply.