Creche Advisory & Consultancy

Creche Advisory & Consultancy

The Baby Lounge Limited provides Crèche/Daycare consultancy services to aid aspiring individuals set up Crèches/daycare businesses.

We provide services ranging from the legal requirements to open a crèche, the layout/furniture, educational and entertainment materials as well as the sourcing and training of qualified child care staff.

We work with forward-thinking organizations to design, set up and manage “extended workplace childcare facilities”, enabling nursing mothers in their employ to successfully balance the often conflicting responsibilities of effective nursing and workplace productivity.

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We also work with parents to design and set up nurseries, kid rooms and children spaces. Our scope of specialized services in this area are:

  • Advisory
  • Design
  • Set up
  • Management
  • Recruitment of Caregivers
  • Early Years Training for Caregivers Special Events


Creche Advisory Service

The Babylounge Crèche Advisory Service ® (SET-UPs & MANAGEMENT) FOR:
– Office Creche/on-site crèche
– Aspiring and existing crèche and preschool owners.

Creche Advisory Service

One-on-one advisory sessions for aspiring and existing crèche owners looking to set-up or revamp existing childcare structures.

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