The Baby Lounge - Video Series​™

Welcome to The Baby Lounge Video Series

Of course you LOOOOVE your children! That’s the reason why your plan for them this year is much more than “dinner for 2”. We are spreading the LOVE to the children! Yayyyyyy!

We are so glad you will be spending QUALITY TIME with your little ones watching this folktale and bonding with them.

That is why we are gifting you and your family one FREE video of Tales By GrandMa .
Remember TALES BY MOONLIGHT? Relieve those fun childhood memories with your children as you watch a folktale from TALES BY GRANDMA™ ~ The video series. You and the children would absolutely enjoy this exciting folktale, complete with beautiful illustrations and told by a super engaging GrandMa!

Make each time spent a memorable one for the children too. Watch Tales By GrandMa WITH them.

The Tortoise And The Princess That Never Speaks

There are other super exciting folktales & stories in the series but are only available when you upgrade your account 😐. You can access all these stories and MORE when you subscribe to the MONTHLY PLAN for Just N4000/ monthly.