Tales by Grandma™ with Grandma Onyeka Onwenu (Children’s Day Edition)

A fun and exciting story telling session on ZOOM

Read-aloud sessions of your favourite African folktales and African stories.

We are reconnecting the children back to our rich African culture through our timeless folktales and African stories.

The children would learn folklores, history, social skills, values, life lessons, new words, their vocabulary, word bank and confidence would grow as they interact and participate in an exciting community of story enthusiasts like themselves! It would be so much FUN!

These super fun storytelling sessions would be LIVE on ZOOM on Saturdays.

Share with other mums, dads, aunties, uncles, in the Diaspora and across all locations…Cousins, friends, nieces, siblings…It would be a reunion of sorts.💃🏽💃🏽

Let’s relive those fond moments of “Tales By Moonlight”🌕😊 And create new beautiful memories for the children, as we share our rich African heritage through some of our favourite folktales & stories.

REGISTER the children for this SUPER FUN storytelling session with a super fun Grandparent!